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Price per passenger is something that may help you maximize the monetization of the journey.

You can set up Price per passenger for distance calculated journeys (taxi/metered type) in Car management.

Go to Dashboard > Cars > Edit car > Price per unit override: Yes > Price per passenger: Yes

Up to passengers: - you have an option here to offer the same price for more than 1 passenger eg. 2, 3, 5. In this case the price will not increase if the user is within the "Up to passengers" restriction. Default is 1.

Price per Mile/Kilometre Up to passengers: - this is price per unit distance for the passengers in the above setting.

Price per Mile/Kilometre for additional customers: - this is the price per unit distance for more customers than the number above. This will be the price for Shared rides additional orders on the same booking (per passenger).

Don't forget to Save after you have set up Price per passenger here.


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Once you create your first Fixed fare route at the back end > Dashboard > Fixed fare routes you will be able to Duplicate or Copy reverse that route.
Both buttons are available in the top button tool bar.

Duplicate button - duplicates selected Fixed fare route in Unpublished state. You will have to go in and change parameters that are different eg. Pick up or Drop off, individual car prices etc. Select Published: Yes before Save

Copy reverse button - duplicates selected Fixed fare route in Unpublished state but with reversed Pick up and Drop off destinations. Click on the title to go to edit screen and change state to Published and anything else that needs changing eg. individual Car prices.

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Go to back office > Dashboard > Payment methods > New > select Squareup payment from the Payment Method drop down > Name your payment method through the Title field and hit Save. You will be redirected to the second tab Payment Configuration where you have to select Sandbox (test): No and enter your Application ID (Production) and Access token (Production) which you have to get from your Square merchant dashboard. Set up the additional payment method fields to match your preferences and click Save and Close. The payment method will automatically appear at The Booking Form so your customers can chose it before checkout. Add a comment
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Additional Stops or way points (waypoints) have to be enabled in Dashboard > Settings > Map settings to show on The Booking Form.

Google Maps API allows up to 8 stops to be added along the way and will recalculate the route based on the way points selected.

Log in to the back end and go to Dashboard > Settings > Map Settings > Allow Stops: Yes

You will see some new options loaded that can help you fine tune Additional stops functionality.

Use POI in Stops: Yes/No - this option will Show/Hide your Points of Interest in the Stop search field.

Use Address in Stops: Yes/No - this option will Enable/Disable address auto suggest in the Stop search field.

Max Stop time: XX hrs - Maximum time you can spend at a given Stop in hours.

Stop duration interval: 5 minutes/15 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour - Max Stop time will be divided into Option choices for the customer to select in The Booking Form eg. if you set Max Stop time to 1 hr and Stop duration interval to 15 minutes then the Options drop down will show 15 min/30 min/45 min/1 hr.

Charge per minute: - this option will calculate the time selected by the user multiplied by the charge per minute and will add the result to the total.

Optimize stops: Yes/No - if Yes selected then Stops will be rearranged in a line of pick up from the initial to the nearest one, if No selected then the Stops will remain in the order that the customer has selected them. 

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