You can easily export orders report in a CSV format to review and use in your favorite spreadsheet program.
Go to back office > Orders (or back office > Dashboard > Orders) and filter the orders by Date and Time through the filtering tool across the top of the orders list.

You can also click on "Search tools" button and you will see some additional filters that you can use:
Select car: this filter will show all your cars in a drop down and you can select a specific car to filter the orders just for it.
Filter by driver: here you can select a specific Driver to filter the orders just for that driver.
Select payment: here you can select a filter by just specific Payment method.
Select state: with this filter you can only view orders in specific state - Accepted, Rejected, Archived and Waiting.

After you filter your orders click on the check box on top of the orders list to select all orders (Note: you can only export up to 500 orders at a time, if you need more then you have to export several times and then join your spreadsheets. Order count in the list can be extended to 500 via a drop down at the bottom of the list).
When you can click on "Export to CSV" button across the top in the Toolbar you will see a tool that shows all available for export fields of your orders including Custom fields that you have already built.
Select the filed that you want on the left and click on the > arrow to move these fields to the column on the right. After you move the fields in the right column you can rearrange them by dragging and dropping them in the order that you prefer. Once done you can even Save that export as a template which you can reuse later instead of building the list of exported fields every time - just give it a name and select the check box in front of "Save this for future use", click on "Download" button to download your generated CSV report.

Generic Columns exported in the spreadsheet:
Reference number
Customer name
Pick up
Drop off
Pick up date
Drop off date
Trip duration
Return date
Number of passengers
Number of suitcases
Infant seats
Child seats
Booster seats
Payment method
Order status
Coupon code

+ list of Custom fields