Additional Stops or way points (waypoints) have to be enabled in Dashboard > Settings > Map settings to show on The Booking Form.

Google Maps API allows up to 8 stops to be added along the way and will recalculate the route based on the way points selected.

Log in to the back end and go to Dashboard > Settings > Map Settings > Allow Stops: Yes

You will see some new options loaded that can help you fine tune Additional stops functionality.

Use POI in Stops: Yes/No - this option will Show/Hide your Points of Interest in the Stop search field.

Use Address in Stops: Yes/No - this option will Enable/Disable address auto suggest in the Stop search field.

Max Stop time: XX hrs - Maximum time you can spend at a given Stop in hours.

Stop duration interval: 5 minutes/15 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour - Max Stop time will be divided into Option choices for the customer to select in The Booking Form eg. if you set Max Stop time to 1 hr and Stop duration interval to 15 minutes then the Options drop down will show 15 min/30 min/45 min/1 hr.

Charge per minute: - this option will calculate the time selected by the user multiplied by the charge per minute and will add the result to the total.

Optimize stops: Yes/No - if Yes selected then Stops will be rearranged in a line of pick up from the initial to the nearest one, if No selected then the Stops will remain in the order that the customer has selected them.