You can collect Pick up address in Hourly hire booking type by creating a Custom field.

Go to Dashboard > Custom fields > New > Select type: Address search
Show on Hourly hire: Yes
Charge for pick up: No - there will be no added charge for Base to Pick up
Charge for pick up: Yes
Charge type: Fixed/Price per mile - selection here will determine addition of flat charge or price per mile/kilometre from the Base to Pick up Address.
Charge: input field for the charge value

Don't forget to click on Save after you alter the settings here.

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To add your DriveNot review snippet to your website you will need to log in to your account at
If you have submitted the Application to join DriveNot mobile app through Dashboard > Settings > DriveNot network then your company has been automatically added to and an account has been created for you. Auto generated password has been emailed to the admin email you have provided.
If for some reason you haven't received the password or you have forgotten it you can reset it here.

After you successfully log in click on User menu > My Company (top right corner Register button will become User menu after you log in).
Click on your company (or the one that you wish to see if you have multiple companies listed) and in Details view you will see a block called Widget code and Copy to clipboard button under it.
Click on Copy to clipboard button or select and Copy the code. Go to your website and paste the code in an HTML section of your choice.
Save and see the result at your website's front end.

Your review widget will be similar to the demo

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You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your PayPal account > Profile > Profile and Settings > My Money > My pre-approved payments > Update > Click on your subscription and you will see a Cancel link.

Cancellation will be effective from the next payment period. 

We can not refund any payment if the payment period has already started but do Contact us if you have any questions.

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To change any of the text labels on the booking form go to Dashboard > Translations > English.

Type in the text you want to change in the Search bar and click on the Search icon.
Click on the text in the right hand side Translation column and you will be able to edit it.
After you are done editing click on Save & Close.

Go to the front end to make sure that your changes have taken effect.

You can use this feature for any language other than English. 
Edit the booking form text to fit your business. Add a comment

You can use your own company email to send emails via SMTP. All Order notification emails will be sent from that email and From name will be the one you specify.

To change the email please follow the steps below:

To set up SMTP go to Dashboard > Settings > Order email settings.

Use SMTP?: Yes - switch to SMTP sending mode.

SMTP Authentication: Yes/No - Select Yes if your SMTP host requires SMTP Authentication.

SMTP Security: None/SSL/TLS - Select the security model your SMTP server uses. Note: If you have 2 options available it is recommended to use the Secure one (SSL or TLS)

SMTP port: - Enter the port number of your SMTP server. Usual settings are 25 for Non-secure server and 465 for Secure servers. Note: Consult your email provider documentation, all these settings should be well documented by them.

SMTP username: - the user name (usually the email address) for access to the SMTP host.

SMTP password: - the password to your SMTP host.

SMTP host: - the name (URL) of your SMTP host, usually or

Note: Gmail SMTP most likely will not work. Google require Authentication of external services so you have to create an app in Google's development console and authenticate it to use particular IP/domain. Gmail caps daily emails to 500 so we advice you use the Default option with No SMTP.

Using SendGrid for SMTP

SendGrid SMTP set up:
Go to back office > Dashboard > Settings > Order Email settings > Use SMTP: Yes.
SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP Security: SSL
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP Host:

For Username and Password you can also create separate credentials pair so you don't use your main log in details.
To do so please log in to your SendGrid account.
Click on Settings > Credentials > Add New Credentials and set up USERNAME and PASSWORD that you can use in the settings of The Booking Form above.

SendGrid also allows for Whitelabeling which means that you cam make Emails appear as sent from your own domain. Here are some Whitelabeling VIDEOS.

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