At the moment Payment methods included in the system are:
We can quickly integrate these payment methods with no additional cost just contact us if you are a client and interested to have any of the following:
  • Alipay (Cross border Website Payment) - International
  • CECA - Spain
  • Redsys, Servired and Sempara - Spain
  • Stripe Alipay - Asia
  • SystemPay - France
  • CardSave - by WorldPay (UK)
  • EasyPay - Portugal
  • SOFORT - Deutschland (Germany), Österreich (Austria), Schweiz/Suisse (Switzerland), Nederland (Netherlands), UK (United Kingdom), Belgique/België (Belgium), Česká republika (Czech republic), France, Italia (Italy), Polska (Poland), España (Spain), Magyarország (Hungary), Slovensko (Slovenia), International
For a low development fee, we can integrate any other payment gateway. To enquire please contact us with a link to English integration documentation and we will provide you with a price quote and time frame for development.

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