Price per passenger is something that may help you maximize the monetization of the journey.

You can set up Price per passenger for distance calculated journeys (taxi/metered type) in Car management.

Go to Dashboard > Cars > Edit car > Price per unit override: Yes > Price per passenger: Yes

Up to passengers: - you have an option here to offer the same price for more than 1 passenger eg. 2, 3, 5. In this case the price will not increase if the user is within the "Up to passengers" restriction. Default is 1.

Price per Mile/Kilometre Up to passengers: - this is price per unit distance for the passengers in the above setting.

Price per Mile/Kilometre for additional customers: - this is the price per unit distance for more customers than the number above. This will be the price for Shared rides additional orders on the same booking (per passenger).

Don't forget to Save after you have set up Price per passenger here.