The new situation around COVID-19 pandemic requires flexibility.
Many of our clients have asked how to convert their existing business to DELIVERY.
Here we have put together an article to help you set your system to work as a DELIVERY.

You already have a beautiful transportation website, now what?

The Booking Form is a cloud-based transportation booking and dispatch software that can easily integrate with your website and Facebook page.

The admin interface is hosted in the cloud so you can access it anywhere on any device with an internet browser and connection, and the front-end booking form is displayed on your website.

Build the ultimate taxi fare calculator - used by limousines, private hire vehicles, minicabs, airport shuttles, bus routes, and any other ground transportation business.

The Booking Form is one of the best management facilities that you can reward yourself and your business with:

✔ Manage car availability (business working hours, automatic dynamic availability based on bookings made)
✔ Manage journey prices (point-to-point via address search, fixed fares between points of interest or zones, hourly hire, daily hire, private tours, shuttles with multiple stops, and ticket system)
✔ Manage online and offline bookings (online booking form, back-office booking engine, calendar)
✔ Manage customers (database of all your customers, corporate clients, and monthly invoicing for them)
✔ Manage order payment methods
✔ Manage drivers
✔ Manage language translations

What will The Booking Form give you?

 An easy way to get bookings and manage your transportation business.

 Quick and easy integration with any website.

 No commission on bookings.

 Unlimited Cars, Unlimited Drivers, Unlimited Users, Clients, and Partners.

 Receive Unlimited Support and instant updates of the software.

 Mobile app for Admins - Free Progressive Web App (PWA) to install on mobile and desktop and receive push notifications.

Mobile app for Passengers - a Progressive Web App (PWA) of your own booking form that can be published on the Google Play store.

Mobile app for Drivers - a Progressive Web App (PWA) that drivers can install on any device through a browser that supports Progressive Web Apps. 

 Use multiple Online payment gateways including PayPal,, Stripe,, and more (click here to see all payment methods available).

 Fixed fare routes between Points of Interest or any address in a mapped Zone.

 Price per distance - Address to Address route priced per mile/kilometer.

Hourly hire - hire-a-chauffeur.

Daily hire - rent-a-car style.

Shuttle and Bus routes - sell tickets online.

Private tours - maximize your time.

 The Booking Form can be translated into any language.

 Reviews and Rating website included - showcase your business on a highly ranked Google website.

 Increase retention of Corporate accounts for your frequent customers.

Reports - get an instant overview of what is happening in your business monthly, annually, by a driver.

No contract - flexibility to Cancel anytime.

No setup fee, No upfront cost.

 Free, no-obligation Trial - no credit card needed.

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What this software is not? - This software is not suitable for on-demand bookings and taxi hailing, there is no real-time tracking of the drivers or passengers.

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Who is The Booking Form for:
 Taxi companies
 Minicab and private hire companies
 Limousine companies
 Shuttle companies
 Bus companies
 Airport transfer companies
 Delivery companies
 Private tours


How does it work? 

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Testimonial by client



Functionality: The Booking Form really is amazing. It works perfectly and with a lot of options.

Ease of use: Very easy to install and configure.

Support: The support is 100%. Very fast response time and structured help.



Chris Harfield


Functionality: The Booking Form is amazing. Packed with full of easy to use functions it is far more than adequate for any taxi / car hire business. AMAZING WORK

Ease of use: Easy to install, configure and customise to your taste. Within five minutes I had it running and ready to customise.

Support: Best support I have ever received from any software. I had an issue which really wasn't their fault but hey! They sorted it ASAP.