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To enable POI categories at the front end booking form go to Dashboard > Settings > General settings > Show Categories drop down: Yes (In the Fixed fare routes section).

Point of interest categories can be created in advance at Dashboard > POI Categories section, pre-created categories are: Airports, Cruise ports, Hotels, Landmarks, Towns and Train stations but you can always add more.

Note: POI Categories eg. Airport, Post code, Station will only be shown if there is a Published Fixed fare route that contains a point of interest assigned to that POI Category. This feature hides selection options that are not active so the users are not confused with No car (empty) results.

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The Driver app that comes for free with The Booking Form on the cloud ( is a Progressive Web App that can be installed on any device that supports PWA - all Android devices with Chrome browser are supported.

The Driver app allows drivers to log in at any time on their device and see their jobs, they can Accept or Reject jobs and get directions to the jobs that they have already accepted.
The app is also generating reports that show Driver's activity and earnings.
Once installed on the device (mobile phone or tablet) the app will automatically update itself, it doesn't take any space on the device and some of its features work even offline.

1. To get the Driver app please create your Drivers through the back office > Dashboard > Users > Add new.
2. Ask your Drivers to sign in to on their Android mobile devices with their email addresses and passwords.
3. After they sign in they will see an Install App button across the top of their screen and when they tap on it the app will install on their device.
4. They can now open the app at any time and sign in to use it. 

Read more about what you can do for your Drivers here.

If you are an old school Android user and prefer a native app you can download the mobile app here. This app will work both for Admin and Driver logins.

Here is a short video that shows how the Progressive Web App works:

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The DriveNot booking form comes with a handy mobile app.

The app is a Progressive Web App which can be installed directly on Android and Windows devices via the Chrome, Modzilla or Edge (Internet Explorer) browsers.
After installation, it will act like a native app which users will see on the display of their device as a normal app icon. 
This icon is a different size on different devices so to activate the Mobile app we have made App icons upload mandatory.

To activate the app you have to go to your back office > Dashboard > Mobile app > set at least all values with a star (Name, Short name, Icon 64x64, Icon 192x192, Icon 512x512) > Save

After you add all the information above, your app will be activated immediately.
When users visit your DriveNot booking form URL on an eligible device they will see an "Install app" button in the header of the booking form. Clicking on that button will install the app right away (without redirection to any app store).
When the app is opened it will show your own booking form and customers can book services through the app directly.
Customers can uninstall the app like a native app.

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You can make the system work as Quotation system only.

At the back office > Dashboard > Settings > General price settings you can set "Show prices: No" and no price will be calculated but the available cars will be still shown on the search results page.

You will have to also go to the back office > Dashboard > Translations > English and search and edit texts like: "See price", "Book now", "Grand total".

Also, please make sure that you only have Cash payment method published at back office > Dashboard > Payment methods.

The system will send you an email on each new booking and you can reply to your customer directly to negotiate the price. Add a comment