When you go to the back office > Dashboard > Settings > General price settings you can see an option close to the top of the settings: Debug Price Calculation.

This option is intended for booking form admins and when set to "Yes" it will show all elements forming the price under each car in Car search results, both at front end and at back office New/Edit order screens.
Don't be alarmed by this as it is only available if you are logged in to the booking form (both front end and back office) and none of your customers will see that price calculation regardless of their own log in status (logged in or logged out of the front end booking form).

Along with the price calculation we have added some other detection options that help admins understand their set up and optimise the booking form to cover their specific needs.
One of these options is Zone detection.
When back office > Dashboard > Settings > General price settings > Debug Price Calculation: Yes then under Address search at the front end booking form a message similar to this will be displayed:
>> Detected zone for Pickup: XXXXX
>> Zone type: XXXXX
Again, this message will only be visible to logged in admin at the front end booking form so don't be alarmed by it - your customers will not see it.

Once you set up your booking form completely you can set Debug Price Calculation: No or you can leave it to Yes as you are the only one who can see Price calculation and Zone detection.

More about How to check price calculation? here.