Zones are a unique feature that allows you to create a polygon on a Google Map and then use that Zone to create Fixed fare routes To and From any of the Addresses within that Zone.
You can create Fixed fare routes between 2 Zones or between a Zone and Point of Interest (POI).

Hint: Many Zones are available on the system for everyone to select in their Fixed fare routes. However, you can create new Zones or edit existing Zones to fit your needs.
Zones are grouped by countries they belong to. Most of the Zones that you will ever need are already on the system, contact us if you need help with the setup.

It is easy to create Zones. Just go to the back end > Dashboard > Zones and select your country > [View Zones].
First look for the Zone you are interested in and if it exists you can use it right away in a Fixed fare route but if it doesn't exist click on the New button in the toolbar.
Type in the Zone that you are looking for eg. a town name and click on Search. The system will try to map your zone automatically but you will be able to move the border markers and adjust the zone if you believe it is not accurate (although the system is pretty smart it does not have correct zoning for the whole world). 
If a Zone does not exist at all you can create it yourself by dragging the border markers to the desired positions.
Click on Save & Close after you are done and the Zone is Saved and available for use at Fixed fare routes.

Note: When you add a Zone it is added to the system and you can not remove it. You can activate and deactivate any Zone. Please contact us if you have added a Zone in error and you wish to remove it. You can Edit any zone if you find that it's borders are inaccurate. When you first Edit a Zone the Edit button will turn from grey to green to let you know that this Zone has been edited. Edited Zones are active only for your company and other Admins can not see your own Zones.

Note: Do not overlap Zones on the map. Each address can only belong to 1 Zone.

There are a few options that you can configure for each Zone:
Pick up in Zone: Yes/No - when you set this to No then you restrict Pick up in the Zone. No address within the Zone will be selectable as Pick up.
Drop off in Zone: Yes/No - same as above but for Drop-offs.
Both pick up and drop off in Zone: Yes/No - Neither Pick up address no Drop off address can be within this Zone.

There is an easier way to create your Zones all at once and then we can import them in the system.
You can create your Zones using this Google Maps tool. Make sure you include all your Zones and then share the link to the map with us so we can export them and import them in your booking system.
Here is a quick video about how this tool works.

Zones in Fixed fare routes:
In Fixed fare routes screen, you will see Pick up/Drop off Type drop downs. This drop down allows you to chose one of two options: POI or Zones.
When you select Zones you can type in desired Zone title. The system will look it up and ask you to select the correct country first (same Zone names can exist in different countries) and after you select a country the system will show you a list with matching Zone titles. When you select a Zone from the list a Map pop up with the zone highlighted in Red will appear. Just verify that this is the Zone you are interested in. If you think the borders of the Zone are not correct you can click on the Edit button in the pop-up window - you will be taken to the Zone Edit screen where you can adjust the borders (don't forget to Save after you are done editing). When you come back to the Fixed fare route click on the X button to close the pop-up and type in the desired Zone again and verify it's borders in the new pop up.
If the Zone is correct just click on the X button.
You can do that both for Pick up and Drop off fields or you can do POI to/from Zone Fixed fare routes.

For more information on Fixed fares please search for "Fixed fare routes" in the Search bar or visit Fixed fare routes documentation.