Fixed fare routes between 2 Pre defined destinations - Points of Interest (a point with pre-defined coordinates) or Zones (any Address that belongs in a pre-defined Zone):

You can first create your Points of Interest in Dashboard > Points of Interest section. Assign Points of Interest to POI Categories as there are many common settings that the system will use for all POIs that belong to the same POI category.

After you are done with Points of Interest please go to Dashboard > Fixed Fare routes. Here you will see a list of all Fixed fare routes that you have already created. Click on New to create a new Fixed fare route.

Fields that you will see:

Title - friendly title of your Fixed fare route which is just for you at the back end to identify special routes quicker.

Pick up Type: POI/Zones
If POI is selected:
Pick up POI: drop down will allow you to choose the Pick up destination.
Note: Create new POI button has been added here for convenience. If you haven't created a specific Point of interest that you wish to use, you can do that by clicking on Create new POI button. All Point of Interest options will be available and once created the POI will be also available for Edit in the Points of Interest section.

If Zone is selected:
Pick up Zone: You can type in desired Zone title. The system will look it up and ask you to select the correct country first (same Zone names can exist in different countries) and after you select a country the system will show you a list with matching Zone titles. When you select a Zone from the list a Map pop up with the zone highlighted in Red will appear. Just verify that this is the Zone you are interested in.

Note: If you think the borders of the Zone are not correct you can click on the Edit button in the pop up window - you will be taken to the Zone Edit screen where you can adjust the borders (don't forget to Save after you are done editing). When you come back to the Fixed fare route click on the X button to close the pop up and type in the desired Zone again and verify it's borders in the new pop up.
If the Zone is correct just click on the X button.
You can do that both for Pick up and Drop off fields or you can do POI to/from Zone Fixed fare routes.

Drop off Type: POI/Zones
If POI is selected:
Drop off POI: drop down is for the drop off destination. Create new POI button as described above.

If Zone is selected:
Drop off Zone: Type in the desired Zone in the search. Select the Country and the Zone from the list of Zones. Verify it's borders in the pop up and click X.

Published Yes/No.

Separate price for each car: Yes/No. If you select No then you will be able to set Price for all cars set "Use for Fixed routes: Yes". If you select Yes all your cars set to Use for Fixed routes will appear in a Car table. Here you can set their own Prices.

Note: If the price for a vehicle is set to 0 (zero) this vehicle/car will not be shown as available for this Fixed fare route.

Click on Save & Close and your Fixed fare route will be created and available at the front end in the Fixed fare routes tab.

A few more things to note:

  • If no Fixed fare routes are published the front end Tab will not be visible (if Design 1 is used).
  • You can create Points of Interest without assigning them to Pick up or Drop off and still use them for Fixed fare routes (POI will not be shown in the Address search tab).
    You can change the "Fixed fare routes" text at the front end to whatever suits you in Dashboard > Translations > English.
  • You can assign Points of Interest to different languages that you use on your website. Only assigned to the specific language Points of Interest will be shown at the front end upon language selection from your users.
  • Addresses within a Zone will be found by the system automatically and the Fixed fare prices will be used regardless of the price that might be calculated for Address to Address (price per distance). Read more about Zones here.
  • To create similar Fixed fare routes quicker use the "Duplicate" button in the tool bar. To create Reverse Fixed fare route use the "Copy reverse" button.