#20 – daily booking calender

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Thursday, 20 August 2015 08:37 UTC
 just a thought to make reading the daily calendar would it be possible to have each car in a separate column. this would allow me to see what is booked in for each vehicle at a glance. or maybe each vehicle could have a different color on the diary system that can be chosen through the car setup menu!
Thursday, 20 August 2015 08:46 UTC
Hi a1lux,
You can access each car's calendar individually in Car management by clicking on the Car. You will see a summary of Car settings and at the bottom of the page the calendar with Orders for just this car.

Also, in Booking calendar screen you can filter the view by Car via the drop down in top right corner. Just select the car you wish to see bookings for and only it's bookings will be loaded in the calendar.
You can do that in any Calendar section: Month, Week, Day and Upcoming.

Hope this helps.
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