#1776 – Cookies problem message on Safari and iphone

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Friday, 29 May 2020 20:23 UTC
 Hi there,

This problem persist since many month...

I have seen it on #1550

I discover it today.

With cleaning cache browser, the problem persist and the result... il loose many clients ! Since...

When you have money for driver, you have money for iphone... so ?

It's time to restart for the economy, please... PLEASE !!! don't try to find what is wrong, RELEASE this F$^$ cookies or... eat them ;) (peacefull joke, but it's really serious)

Our jobs needs help, not cookies bugs...
Saturday, 30 May 2020 14:08 UTC
Hi Frederic,

Safari does not allow setting COOKIE automatically. But, we need the cookie to store logged in user information with temporary Booking data. COOKIE is actually a part of all modern browsers, safari just does not allow to set automatically. This is why we have to show an intermediate page with a button to the general users, clicking on that button will set the COOKIE in Safari and after that Booking Form should work flawlessly. We have added a small fix and we were checking your Booking Form here https://vagnat-driver.fr/transferts in iPhone 6 plus Safari, the intermediate page shows first and then the Booking Form, please check on your side and let us know if you still find any problem.

Thanks & Regards
Saturday, 30 May 2020 14:32 UTC
Hi Ronniee,

I m not saw change.

When i clik on button to accept cookie, the page try to open something and come back to same point.

As you can saw, i solve half the problem with a direct link to the booking form.

Directly on the booking form, that's works but not in embeded iframe version.

It's not perfect, but... that should be the job.
Saturday, 30 May 2020 14:38 UTC
Hi again,
the problem comes from the recent changes in modern browsers to restrict what can be done via iFrames. They will restrict functionality in iFrames further in the near future so we are moving the booking process in a booking form in its own browser window.

We will add header and footer to the booking form where you will be able to add some more of your company information like logo, contact details and links to important parts of your website if you like.

Please let us know what you think regarding these changes?

Kind regards.

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