We are constantly working to improve the appearance and usability of the software.

Recently we have added a new Design 2 visual settings.
To customize your booking form please log in to the back office and go to Dashboard > Settings > Design settings > Design 2.
This design offers a clean light appearance of the booking form. However, you can add certain customizations to make it blend with your website.

Highlights: - set a color here for the background of all buttons and headers of the booking form.
Highlights Opacity: - set up how transparent the highlights should be.
BG Color on Shared Rides Calendar: - background color of the calendar used for Shared rides bookings display (Only used if you have set up Shared rides).
Font Color on Shared Rides Calendar: - the color of text for Shared rides schedule.
Links Color on Shared Rides Calendar: - the color of links for Shared rides schedule.
Cars default display: - this is a setting for the Cars search results table. 3 options are possible - Grid (Car cards will be displayed in 2 rows), List (a list of cars will be displayed with one car on each row), Icons (smaller version of Grid view with smaller car images and compact view - 8 cars on 2 rows).
Show Map on mobile devices: Yes/No - this option will Show/Hide the map with the route when the booking form is viewed on smaller screens.
Show Booking summary Step 2: Yes/No - show the booking summary at the top of the second step of the booking process. Some people like hiding it to save some space.
Show Grid/List block Step 2: Yes/No - Show/Hide view selection area, if hidden the customer will only be able to see Car search results the way you have set up in "Cars default display:"
Exit link - this is usually used to create a link to your Website's Home page.
White space between elements: - what would be the space between elements (input fields and dropdowns) at the front end booking form in pixels.
Checkout position: - at the end of the booking form there is a Shopping card-like button that would open a Booking summary and a button to finish the booking. You can show this in the bottom left or right side of your booking form.
Map Height: - the height of the map in the first step in pixels. 
Map Zoom Level: - Zoom level of the map. A higher number means more Zoomed in.