The Booking Form can be published on a Facebook page and take bookings directly on Facebook.

  • Subscription to The Booking Form
  • Facebook account
  • Facebook page
  • 2-5 minutes time to spare
Method 1  (02/07/2016)
Assuming that you already have a Facebook account and Company page created.
Visit in your browser.
Click on "Add Static HTML to a Page" button.
Select the Page that you would like to add The Booking Form to from the drop down that says "Facebook Pages" and click on "Add Page Tab" button.
Click on "Set up tab" button.
You will see a Text field with some text inside, Delete the text and replace it with the code from The Booking Form back end > Dashboard > Get the code > iFrame Code (SSL).
Click on "Preview" button to make sure that The Booking Form is visible.
Click on "Save & Publish" and you are done.

Tip: Default tab name is "Welcome". To change it to something else eg. "Book a taxi" click on "Actions" drop down in the tool bar and select "Edit name and image", change the Tab Name and Save.

Method 2
This tutorial is for the service from
(There are other services that allow you to publish iFrame content on Facebook page so you can use them as you see fit. We just found this one that offers easy and free integration and we are not affiliated to them in any way nor can we offer support for theirs services.)

After you log in with your Facebook account you will be able to select a Facebook page that you manage where you can add The Booking Form as a Tab.
Click on "Add a new tab" button to start.
Type in your Tab name and Change Tab image text if you like. And click on Install tab now.
Then click on "Change app" button.
Click on "Use Website app" button in the top right corner.
Facebook requires your page to run over SSL (https:// instead of http://) so you will have to get the SSL URL from The Booking Form back end > Dashboard > Get the code > iFrame Code (SSL).
The URL will look something like - copy it and paste it in a browser Address bar and click on Enter to reveal the full https:// URL that you have to use for Facebook integration.
Paste the URL in Web address field and click on "Preview" button in the top right corner to see if it works.
Click on "Save & Publish".
Now you will have The Booking Form published on your Facebook page as a separate tab and will enjoy boost of business coming your way.