Tariffs are a handy way to set up Day, Night, Weekend and Holidays different charge per mile/kilometre.

Tariffs are Time based but you can also create Special tariffs for selected dates like Christmas, New Year day or Bank holidays.

You can set each car to User tariffs: Yes and then assign the car to that tariff or in Tariff management you can assign the Car to a newly created Tariff.

Every time you create a new Car it will have a list with available Tariffs in Car management so you can select the ones that you want to apply to this car and every time you create a tariff you will be able to assign one or multiple cars to that tariff.

Tip: To assign multiple Tariffs to one car or multiple Cars to one tariff hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select all Cars/Tariffs before saving.

To set up a Tariff go to Dashboard > Tariffs > New.

Fill in the title for this Tariff eg. Day tariff.

Ignore Alias field as it will be automatically created by the system based on your Tariff title.

Initial charge field is for Admin fee or Initial/Start flat fee for this tariff. Set to 0 if you don't use Initial charge.

Unit price field is the charge per mile/kilometre that this Tariff will calculate. This is the option that will differentiate the price for your Day and Night tariffs for example.

Charge per minute - use this option to add price per minute for the whole journey calculated by Google maps API.

Assigned cars - you will see a list of all Cars created in Car management and here you have to select the Cars that this Tariff will apply to.

Published: Yes/No section. Unpublished tariffs will not be applied in the booking process.

Day assignment section allows you to select the Days that this Tariff will be applied to, very useful if you have different Tariffs for weekdays and weekends.

After you select a Day of the week also select Start time and End time of this Tariff for that day. This is the section that differentiates Day and Night tariffs time interval. For example, if you are working on a Day tariff set Start time to 06:00 and End time to 18:00 to assign this tariff to the time period between 6 am and 6 pm. The Booking Form will recognize the correct time to apply the Tariff based on customer's time selection.

Tip: You can have different Start and End times for the different days of the week.

Note: It is important not to overlap Start and End times for different Tariffs because in such a case The Booking Form will apply the tariff that has been created first.

To check out what Tariff is applied to a booking you can test that at the front end. Go to Dashboard > Get the code > Preview > My Orders and log in with your administrator account then start a test booking. In the Cars search result under each car, you will see Price calculation (only available for logged in Admins not logged in customers, make sure that you have to enable Debug price calculation in Dashboard > Settings > General Price settings).

Special Tariff: Yes/No - tells the system to use this tariff as normal tariffs override, very useful if you have to set up different prices for New Year or other special holidays. After you set Special Tariff: Yes you will be able to select Dates which this special tariff will be applied to.

Assuming you have just created the Day tariff to repeat the process and create Night tariff you can select the Day tariff in the list and click on Duplicate, then change Title, Unit price and Start/End times and save.

Note: Remember that tariffs will be applied only to Cars that are set to Use tariffs: Yes.

Fixed fare routes different tariffs.
The normal Tariffs will only work for Cars that are set to Use as taxi: Yes (for an address to address search and price per mile/ kilometre). 
If you are taking advantage of the Fixed fare routes (flat rate between 2 destinations via Points of interest or Zones) then you will have to create 2 separate cars with availability for Day shift and Night shift.
Create your Day shift car first and set the availability in the Day/time table close to the bottom of the page.
Then Duplicate the car and change the Day/time table to the Night shift.
Note: When setting up the Night shift note that earliest time selection can be 00:00 (12 am) hour as this is when the day begins. If you need to cover Night shift earlier than 00:00 then you will need a separate car with availability to 23:55 (11:55 pm).
After you create your cars you can go to your Fixed fare routes and for each route specify a different price that reflects your Day and Night tariffs for the different cars.