Creating and allowing Shared rides with The Booking Form is easy. There is a Shared calendar section at the Front end booking form when Shared rides is enabled.

There are 3 main areas where Shared rides can be configured:

  • Car management - each car can be set up as Shared or Private. When a customer uses Address search (price per distance), Shared cars will automatically be added to the Shared rides calendar.
  • Fixed fare routes - Shared cars can be set up with Minimum price (initial booking) and Price per passenger (every booking after the initial until the car is full).
  • Order edit by Admin - each order can be made Shared (from Private). This will add the Order to the Shared calendar and the rest of the seats in the car will be sold separately. 

1. If you are using Price based on distance calculation (taxi style) but you still wish to use Shared rides option, you will have to set this up in Car management.

In Car edit mode select car Shared: Yes

PayPal Refunds: Yes/No - if Yes selected then Customers will be refunded a portion of their payment when a new payment for additional seat is made by another customer.

Second Purchase %: - here you define what % of the Total trip the Second (and every next) customer will pay - Default is 50%.

First payer refund %: - here you define what % of the Second payment the First payer will get - Default is 30%

Example: If someone books a Shared ride and pays $10 for one seat then someone else comes along and books a second seat on the same ride, Second payer will be asked to pay $5 (50% of the trip) and 30% of $5 paid will be refunded to First payer ($1.5). If a Third customer comes along the price will be $5 again, First and Second payer will split $1.50 refund getting $0.75 back each and so on.

Price per unit override: Yes.

Price per Mile/Kilometre: 

Note: the booking will be displayed on the Shared calendar at the booking form and New passengers can book available seats for the same booking.