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Daily car hire is a Service type that allows you to rent cars similar to rent-a-car service but with or without an assigned chauffeur to the car. 
In Car management when you set "Use for Daily hire?: Yes" the car will be available for Daily hire and this booking type will automatically appear in the Service type drop down at the booking form.
There will also be a few options that you can set up here:
Weekday price: - a mandatory field that set the daily car hire for week days (not weekends) in 24 hour day period. 
Weekend price: - with this option you set up the price that will be set during the weekend. You can set both weekday and weekend price the same.
Special day price - you can even have special prices for different days of the year. The system will automatically detect and calculate collective price of the whole hire period. 
- Date: - select date for Special date pricing.
- Price: - set the price for that Special date. Add a comment
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In this section, you will get the integration code that you have to place on your website so the booking form is displayed and you start receiving online bookings.
You can always revisit and change some of the settings at the back office > Dashboard > Get the code.

At the top of the page, you will see 2 possible selections: Show button and Show iFrame

Show button (recommended method):
Edit the footer button (optional) - this button will take you to Settings > Design settings, opened in a new window, where you will be able to design the footer of the booking form. The footer will be an area under the automatic booking form with some text where you can publish some links, helpful text and/or images.
In the following section:
Button Text: Book now - this is the default text of the button but you can change it to anything you like. 
Font size: 13 - the size of the button's text.
Background color: - this is the background color of the button.
Font color: - the color of the button's text.
Button width - the width of the button in pixels.
Button height - the height of the button in pixels.
Border color - select box to have a border or not + a field to select the border color.
Border radius - select box to have rounded color of the button or not + a box to set the corner radius.

On the right-hand side, you will see an instant visualization of your button.
Under the visualisation, you will see the code being generated. When you are finished with the design just copy that code and paste it anywhere you would like it displayed on your website.

At the top of the booking form automatically will be displayed your logo and your contact information.

You can also send this code to your web designer via the "Email the code to your webmaster" button.
You can click on the "Documentation" button which will lead you to this article.
"Preview the booking form" button will take you to your new booking form.
Share your booking form on these social networks - you will see a list of social networks where you can share your booking form. You are encouraged to do that even after the setup process as your social networks may be a good source of customers.
"Invite via email" button will open an invitation email popup. You can use this to invite colleagues, friends and family to test your booking form and give you some feedback. 

Show iFrame (not recommended method):
iFrame Code (SSL) section - just copy the code below and paste it on your website where you want the booking form visualized. 
Although this method is very easy and shows the booking form on your website quite good, please note that modern browsers dislike iFrame integrations and will refuse to set cookies and redirect customers to external destinations like payment gateways. These recent changes in browsers are made to address some security and privacy issues. The best way forward is to display a Book now button anywhere you like on your website and allow the user to have the full experience of the booking form including an automatic "Install mobile app" button shown. Add a comment
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You can collect Pick up address in Hourly hire booking type by creating a Custom field.

Go to Dashboard > Custom fields > New > Select type: Address search
Show on Hourly hire: Yes
Charge for pick up: No - there will be no added charge for Base to Pick up
Charge for pick up: Yes
Charge type: Fixed/Price per mile - selection here will determine addition of flat charge or price per mile/kilometre from the Base to Pick up Address.
Charge: input field for the charge value

Don't forget to click on Save after you alter the settings here.

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To add your DriveNot review snippet to your website you will need to log in to your account at
If you have submitted the Application to join DriveNot mobile app through Dashboard > Settings > DriveNot network then your company has been automatically added to and an account has been created for you. Auto generated password has been emailed to the admin email you have provided.
If for some reason you haven't received the password or you have forgotten it you can reset it here.

After you successfully log in click on User menu > My Company (top right corner Register button will become User menu after you log in).
Click on your company (or the one that you wish to see if you have multiple companies listed) and in Details view you will see a block called Widget code and Copy to clipboard button under it.
Click on Copy to clipboard button or select and Copy the code. Go to your website and paste the code in an HTML section of your choice.
Save and see the result at your website's front end.

Your review widget will be similar to this:

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