Car management is one of the most important features and it makes the system so flexible and highly customizable. 

To see Car management go to back end > Dashboard > Cars.
Here you will see a list of all Cars currently on the system.

Click on a Car to see more information about it and then on Edit to edit it's properties. Or click on "New" button to create a New Car.

Car Type: - this is the Car type used system-wide. If you have different cars of the same type make sure that Car type is spelled identically for all cars of the same type eg. "Saloon", "MVP", "SUV", "Executive" etc.
Published: Yes/No - if a Car is Not published it will not appear in the search results. 
Min passengers: - number of minimum passengers to book the car. Useful if you want to set different PAX prices for Fixed fare routes.
Max passengers: - number of maximum passengers that this car can fit. The car will not be shown if selected passengers at the booking form is more than the car can accommodate. Maximum passengers number is also considered for Shared rides where 2 or more different riders can book the same car so the car is not over booked. Maximum passengers is also used for Shuttles to track the number of tickets/seats that can be sold in a car and avoid over booking. The highest Max passengers number form all cars will be used as the highest number in Passenger selection drop down at the booking form as well.
Min suitcases: - similar to Min passengers this setting is used for suitcase selection.
Suitcases No: - maximum number of suitcases that the car can fit.
Maximum booster/infant/child seats:  - the maximum of each seat type that the car can accommodate. Note: these seats will be deducted from Max passengers not added. Total number of passengers is Max passengers. At the front end booking form there will be different fields for the customer to select: Adult seats and Child/Infant/Booster seats. Total number of passengers at the front end is Adult seats + Child/Infant/Booster seats.
Plate number: - Car plate will be used in some back end screens to identify the car easier and will also be sent to the Passenger in the Order confirmation email.
Image: - this is the car image used to identify the car at back end and shown at front end Car results. The image must be square and will be cropped to 300px X 300px automatically by the system.
Additional car type charge: - Flat fee that will be added to Total for each car type. Useful if you have a flat fee for different car types eg. Saloon vs. Executive. Note: This flat fee will only be added to Address booking type (price per distance - taxi booking style).
Additional charge on Return: Yes/No - if the above charge should be added on Return trip if selected by customer.
Car Shared?: Yes/No - if Yes selected then this Car will be available for the same date/time and same Pick up/Drop off until all seats in the car have been sold.
If Yes selected PayPal refunds: Yes/No, if Yes selected > Second purchase (%) - what % of the Total the Second rider will pay; First payer refund (%) - what % of the Total will be automatically refunded when there is a Second payment.

Use as taxi: Yes/No - this setting is to tell the system if this car is used for Address to Address (distance price calculation).
If "Yes" selected > Price per mile/kilometre override: Yes/No - if No is selected then the Global setting from Dashboard > Settings > General price settings will be used.
If "Yes" selectedUse Tariff: Yes/No - if No selected you will be able to set Price per mile/kilometre and Charge per minute below; if Yes selected you will be able to select a Tariff for this car. Tariffs can be created and configured at back end > Dashboard > Tariffs. Here you can see Tariffs documentation.
Price per passenger: Yes/No - if Yes selected > Up to Passengers - number of passengers for the first order in Shard rides, this is usually set to 1 which means the first passenger; Price per mile/kilometre Up to passengers: - usually the price per mile/kilometre for the first passenger; Price per mile/kilometre for Additional passengers: - the price per mile/kilometre for the rest of the passengers.
Charge per minute: - the price per minute calculated for the duration of the whole journey as calculated by Google Maps API.
Distance sectors Price setup: Non cumulative/Cumulative - this option will only be considered if you create Distance sectors by clicking on the button "Add new" below. Distance sectors are useful if you have different pricing for different distances eg. 1-5 miles/km X 1.5, 
Simply put Cumulative price will add up prices for distance sectors and Non-cumulative price will use the price of the single distance sector the journey length falls into.
Example: create sequence of prices for trips with different length eg. 0-2 x 4 means:
between 0 and 2 miles long trips price per mile is £4, 2-10 x 5 means: from 2nd to 10th mile price per mile is £5
The structure has to be as follows without overlapping of mileage (if you skip a distance the Default price will be applied if journey falls in that gap):
0-5 miles x £3
5-10 miles x £2
10-20 miles x £1.5
(do not use currency symbol as it is taken from your General Settings)
Cumulative price calculation example: If the trip is 100 miles and you have set up "Price per unit distance: 1" and distance sectors 0 to 5 miles x $2, 5 to 10 miles x $1.50 then the total will be calculated: (5 x 2) + (5 x 1.5) + (90 x 1) = Total, where (5 x 2) is 0 to 5 or 5 miles x $2, (5 x 1.5) is 5 to 10 miles or 5 miles x $1.5 and (90 x 1) is total distance 100 miles - 5+5 miles sectors = 90 miles x $1 for the rest of the journey based on your Price per distance settings.
Non-cumulative price calculation example: If the trip is 100 miles and you have set up "Price per unit distance: 1" and distance sectors 0 to 20 miles x $2, 20 to 110 miles x $1.5 then the total will be calculated: 100 x 1.5 = Total as the journey of 100 miles falls in the distance sector of 20 to 110 miles where the price is $1.5 per mile.
Note: If you use Tariffs (separate The Booking Form section) the tariffs will be automatically pulled here with separate price for each Tariff. You can adjust those prices and Save.

Use for Fixed routes: Yes/No - this setting is to make the car available for Fixed fare bookings. You will be able to assign the car to Fixed fare routes at back end > Dashboard > Fixed fares. Here you can see Fixed fares documentation. 

Use for Hourly hire: Yes/No - use the car for Hourly hire booking type. 
If "Yes" selected:
Minimum hours to hire: - the minimum hours that this car can be hired for.
Maximum hours to hire: - the maximum number of hours this car can be hired for. The highest number of Maximum hours to hire for all cars will be shown at the front end booking form drop down for selection.
Price per hour: - numeric value of price per hour.
Hourly hire fee:  - this is a flat rate fee that will be added to hourly hire Total. This setting is similar to Additional car type charge above and will only be applied to Hourly hire booking type.

Use as Shuttle: No/Yes/Only Shuttle
If "Yes" selected: - the car will be used both for Shuttle routes and other bookings when available. The system will track availability and if the car is booked for any booking type will not be available to book for other booking types. 
If "Only Shuttle" selected: - this car will only be available for Shuttle routes. Here you can see Shuttle booking documentation.

Color: - when you click on the selection field you will see a Color pop up that will decode your color selection to HEX color code. This color selection will only be used for back end system as background of the Car for easier identifying by Admins. Useful for Orders list where assigned Car can be easily identified by it's background color. 

Assign Driver to Car: Yes/No - if "Yes" selected then you will see a drop down with only Available drivers (drivers who are not already assigned to a different car). Here you can see Drivers documentation.

Track availability: Yes/No - if "No" selected the Car will be always available. The system will respect the business hours set below but will not block the car if a different booking exists for overlapping Date/Time. Note: Use with caution as some features connected with car availability will not work if "No" selected here.

Weekdays availability - the table below represents all days of the week and times of the day where you can set up car's business/work hours. Note: a day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:55, if you use settings like 21:00 to 02:00 they will not be valid as the business hours are within 2 different days.

Blocked days: - "Add new" button will allow you to select different days of the year when this car will not be available. Useful for Holidays.
Recurring block offs: - "Add new" button will show a pop up where you can set a recurring block off.
The pop up contains:
Start on: - date where the block off starts.
Repeat: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly - repetition of the block off. Useful for eg. school runs where the car is not available every day/week/month/year for specific time.
Start time:
End time:
Ends after: Never/After XX occurrences/On specific date

Description: - description of the Car will be visible on Car mouse over at the front end Car results.