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Monday, 08 January 2018 19:14 UTC

Currently we are using the invoice as a "trip sheet" for the driver. However we need a way to put information such as flight time or payment comments on this. Is there any way we can do this?

Is there a seperate PDF we can give to our drivers with all the information/ comments we would like to add?
Tuesday, 16 January 2018 08:45 UTC
Hi Justin,
we were thinking how to best accommodate your request.
There are Payment notes at the back office that you can add to every order with an option to Send to the driver. The driver will receive the notes in the Order details email and they can easily print that email.
You can also print the Details screen for each order where the Payment notes are also shown.
If you think that these 2 options are not sufficient we may be able to create a special Print for a trip sheet that you can get when you click on the driver's name in Orders list.
However, it might be better to have a trip sheet with multiple orders for the same day. Or do you prefer to print out every order as a separate trip sheet?

Please send us your exact requirements so we can think about enhancing the system further.

We will be releasing a Driver app soon. It will have everything that the driver needs to operate remotely and on the go.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.
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