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Friday, 26 May 2017 07:34 UTC
can I choose if I don't want the system to send emails notifications to my clients?

thank you!!
Monday, 29 May 2017 06:10 UTC
Hi there,
you can limit what email notifications are sent to your clients at the back office > Payment methods - each payment method has separate settings, click on the one you are using and then > Configuration tab - you will see Email notification options towards the end of the options list.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.
Tuesday, 30 May 2017 14:06 UTC
hi, in the payment methods there are not email notification options on the configuration tab, but in my question I mean if I can choose if the system sends emails notification to my clients when a booking is made and not a payment. for example when I make a booking at back office then I don't want to be sent a notification email to my client.

thank you.
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 07:17 UTC
Hi Gergia,
currently it is not possible to disable the email notification when you submit an order from the back office.
It is always good to send email notification to customers as a confirmation that you have made the booking.
However, if it is very important to your business model to disable email notifications when submitting orders through back office then we can add an option in New order screen: Send email to Customer: Yes/No where you can select No if you don't want an email to be sent out.

Would that work for you?
Please let us know.

Kind regards.
Thursday, 01 June 2017 07:19 UTC
thank you for your reply and please if it is possible yes I would like to have the to the option that you described.

thank you very much!!
Friday, 02 June 2017 07:01 UTC
Hi Georgia,
I have talked to our development team and it will cost £50 to add this option to the back office Orders management.

Let us know if you are interested.
Kind regards.

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