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Tuesday, 16 July 2019 00:38 UTC
 Hi, my business is only interaction with the client is the recolection of waste. They dont know what happens nextso i dont really need but the pick up adress and the clients to scheduel in the best order.. do you have any tips?
Tuesday, 16 July 2019 11:06 UTC
Hi Armando,
I have helped you by setting up the system close to your requirements. Instead of Shuttle service type, it is best to use Hourly hire. I have created a new Camion for you and set passengers 1-4 but I also have hidden the passengers and suitcase fields through back-office > Dashboard > Settings > General settings as it doesn't seem like you need them.
I have set price per hour: Mex$ 20 which means that the system will charge 20 for every hour the customer selects. I don't know if you are doing your jobs and charge by the hour or the number of pickup items?
You can also set up charges from the Base of your business to the pickup location as Flat rate or as Price per kilometre. You can do that by going to the back-office > Dashboard > Custom fields > Address field (click on it to edit). This is a special custom field that I have created for you so you can collect the Customer address.

You can access your booking form by going to the back-office - Nonamejet (Preview) at the top of the page or visit this link directly: https://booking.drivenot.com/en/company/nonamejet?tmpl=component

Check this setup and let me know what you think. Would that work for you or do you need any changes?
Cars that are already booked will not be available for double booking and the system will manage your schedule perfectly.

Hope this helps.
Looking forward to seeing your feedback.
Kind regards.

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