#775 – How to add fix extra charge for return

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Thursday, 06 July 2017 08:17 UTC
 I would like to add extra charge for return trip, how i can do it please.
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Thursday, 06 July 2017 08:26 UTC
in general Return trips are calculated the same way outbound trips are - either per kilometre or as a Fixed fare depending on the set up you have.

What kind of extra charge do you need to add? Is return trip more expensive than outbound?

Please give us some more details so we can properly help you.

Kind regards.
Thursday, 06 July 2017 15:10 UTC
Either the following example: A trip of 3.16 km, with return trip, here is the result of the calculation of prices

>> Initial Call Charge: €20
>> Base to Pickup Charge: €0.00
>> Dropoff to Base Charge: €0.00
>> Stops Charge: 0
>> Booster Seats Charge: 0
>> Infant Seats Charge: 0
>> Child Seats Charge: 0
>> POI Additional Charge: €0
>> Extras Charge: €0
>> Fixed fare route Charge: 0
>> Applied Tariff: 0
>> Pickup to Dropoff calculation: 3.16 kMs X €1.60 = €5.06
>> Additional Car type Charge: €0.00
>> Hourly Charge: 0
>> Hourly Hire Fee: 0
>> Duration Charge: 11mins X 0 = €0.00
>> Outbound Discount: €0.00
>> Outbound Price: €25.06
>> Additional Car type Charge on Return: 0
>> Return Discount: (10 X 5.0624/100) + (0) = 0.51
>> Return Extras Charge: €0.00
>> Wait time charge: 0
>> Base to Dropoff Charge: €0.00
>> Pickup to Base Charge: €0.00
>> Return Price: 5.0624 - 0.51 (discount) + 0.00 + 0.00 = €4.55
>> Total Price Round Up: Whole Number

As you can see the return price is very low. This is due to the small number of kilometers. I would like to have the return price near the outbound price. I look for a rule that the return price is 10% less than the outbound price, regardless of the number of kilometers.

Thanks for your help.
Thursday, 06 July 2017 16:07 UTC
Hi again,
I can see that you are using Initial charge which is added once for all bookings.
Instead of Initial charge in your situation is better to use Additional car Type charge and Additional car Type charge on Return (in car management). Where Additional car charge on return should be discounted by 10% manually eg. €18 instead of €20 (don't use € in any of the fields, it's added automatically).
You can leave Return discount as it is so a discount on per kilometre basis is added also on Return trips.

Use Price debug information that you have pasted here to check your prices again.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.
Thursday, 06 July 2017 16:49 UTC
Thanks for your help, I followed your advice, that's exactly what I wanted to get. Thank you for this quick response.
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