#754 – Email not recieved

Posted in ‘The Booking Form integration’
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Friday, 09 June 2017 00:17 UTC

 Order 5939b7134526e did not recieve an email when he booked today.

Sunday, 11 June 2017 06:36 UTC
Hi Tim,

I was checking the order, this is still in Waiting status, this means your company admin did not accept it. And, also no driver is still assigned to it, this means no driver actually accepted the job. Our system doesn't send email confirmation for Waiting status order. When a new order is submitted, your company admin has to accept that, he can accept the order immediately by clicking the Accept button in order email. Then, driver of the associated car will get accept/decline alert, system will assign a driver to the order after driver accept the job and then system sends Accepted status email to customer. Your company admin can always accept and assign driver from Backend Order details page manually.

Hope I have explained well, please check again and let us know if you still find any problem.

Thanks a lot
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