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Tuesday, 04 April 2017 09:44 UTC
 love the new back office, only 1 possible sort when i minimize the side bar can it stay minimized until i want it back even if i change page. at the moment it pops back up even when i move day.
Thursday, 06 April 2017 13:49 UTC

We have fixed the issue, please check again and let us know.

- shariar.
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Thursday, 06 April 2017 19:53 UTC
checked and working wonderful. however another couple of wee requests.

1 i entered a return date today that was before the initial outbound hire and it accepted it, you fixed this before.

2 can /is there a way to have flight details as a field after you have selected a return journey as well.

3. the day view is not showing right either. for example the pickup on Saturday from wellwood street (light blue) is showing on the day view as after 5-30 pm the actual pickup time is 5pm
Sunday, 09 April 2017 13:44 UTC

1) We have noticed the problem already and are working to fix this issue, will update you as soon as possible.

2) We have configured a custom field Return Flight # which will be shown on Return section for all Airports. Earlier, you set Show on Additional information = YES for this custom field, this overrides all other settings and just shows the custom field under User details section. Please check and let us know if need any changes. You can check our online tutorial about Custom fields here https://booking.drivenot.com/en/documentation/29-custom-fields

3) We have fixed the issue.

Please let us know your comments.

- shariar.
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Monday, 10 April 2017 15:51 UTC
happy again 1 other discrepency.

when doing a wait and return i have in the past put pickup added a stop with the waiting time and then the drop off as the same as the pickup. this no longer works.

example i have tried today kilmarnock to aberdeen (2hr wait) then back to kilmarnock. is showing £38

should show at least £500
when i drill into detais its counting miles from kilmarnock to kilmarnock
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 09:06 UTC
Hi a1lux,
it is not very clear what your problem with Return is.
There are 2 use cases which you can have to achieve what you describe:
1. Wait at Drop off - which you can set up at back office > Dashboard > Settings > General price settings. This will replace Return calendar picker with drop down for Wait time form which the customer can select the values you have created including:
Time (hours):
Wait time Flat charge:
Discount for Return (%):
2. You can use a "system hack" where you as Admin select Pick up for Address search, then select a Stop (if Allow stops is set to Yes in Map settings) and then type in the same Address as Pick up for Drop off.

Which of the 2 use cases have you tried?
Please give us as many details as possible and include a screenshot if you can so we can best help you.

Kind regards.
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 09:35 UTC
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 10:38 UTC
Ok, we will check the second option and fix if there is a problem.
Can you give us an order number for it or did you just see the price without finishing the order?

Kind regards.
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 18:02 UTC
We have fixed the return date issue, now you should not be able to choose a return date past pickup date. Please check and let us know if you find any problem.

Thanks a lot
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