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Sunday, 25 July 2021 15:22 UTC
 I've wasted my entire weekend with this. Zones are not updating. System it self is meaningless. Any private driver company drives in the city and to airport. If I can not pick up and drop in the same area, all areas on the same map, you can not delete geofences, how am I suppose to use it!!?!?!? I have a fix rate in the city and a fix rate to the airport from the city, plus holliday destinations. As is, it's imposible to make it work. Actually, it's the first time when I see a booking system NOT allow you to have p'u and drop in the same area. Plus, the booking form is showing less then 50% of the settings I' ve made. This is a wreck!!!
Monday, 26 July 2021 07:41 UTC
In this morning I've got a lot of 502 errors. Please, let me know what's going on because I need to know if there is a way to use your system or should I look for something else. No offense, but I've got sick and tired to test all kind of plugins ... systems... wp themes... I have no more time and nerves for this. In the meaning time I could use a simple form from Elementor to check with customers and for sure it was more profitable. Always 1 is bigger then 0. So, if you are so kind kind to tell me bout I would appreciate it. If something is not ok, just let me know. I can save some time. I like very much many features you have, really like it. But if it's not working properly :(
Late edit: Now I've noticed that the zones I worked out yesterday are not there anymore. Files are there but the geofences I've created are not.
Monday, 26 July 2021 11:30 UTC
Another problem I have is that setup of the car is not saved. Only if I'm repeating the process at least 2 times. Why is that??
Late edit : Actually... is saving nothing. If I'm going back to the same car later on is nothing saved there, including area of operation of the car. I don't expect the system to work with these errors
Monday, 26 July 2021 13:42 UTC
As you can see here, it said there are no zones available. But, by the other hand, at the preview is saying that can not pickup into this area!!!
Tuesday, 27 July 2021 13:45 UTC
Hi Robert,

Let me explain a few key things so that you can configure your booking form correctly.

In the Backend -> Settings -> Base settings, I see you have set a very large area of operation ( the whole Romania ) and you set Pickup in area = YES, Dropoff in area = YES, this means pickup has to be in this area and also Dropoff has to be in this area. This area of operation actually works for Address search booking. You set Bucharest as the Default city, so the map at the frontend booking form is centered on Bucharest.

You have enabled Fixed fare booking in the General settings, the zones created/activated in the Dashboard -> Zones section will actually be used in a Fixed fare route. You can set Pickup in area = YES/NO, Dropoff in area = YES/NO for each zone as well. If you assign a zone to a fixed fare route pickup/dropoff and if you set Pickup in area = YES for that zone, the pickup has to be in the assigned zone at the frontend. Actually we don't allow assigning zones to a Fixed fare route in the wizard. You have to go to Dashboard -> Zones to create/activate your zones and then you can assign zones to any fixed fare route from Dashboard -> Fixed fare route section. It seems you have configured your booking form mostly, so now you don't need to go through Wizard steps. Those wizard steps are for a quick initial setup.

Please let us know if you still find any problem or have any confusion. You can also see our Documentation (https://booking.drivenot.com/en/documentation) and knowledge base ( https://booking.drivenot.com/en/knowledge-base ) section.

Thanks & Regards
Tuesday, 27 July 2021 16:55 UTC
Thanks for your help. I think I can tell you that documentation from the memory. Always I have a tab of documentation open. Is just my opinion here so, please, don't get mad on me. I think the system is missing a few very important settings. The first impediment I have here is about the zones overlapping. It was a lot easier to set up everything if it wasn't this overlapping. And probably this is not the biggest problem with the maps. The fact that I can not p/u and drop in the same zone is killing me. As an example, I have a fix rate for entire city, and if the customer wants to move around the fix rate is increasing at each 10 km given. Actually, please, teach me how to setup the business that I got here.
Let me give you a brief : city limits flat rate, 20 km included, increasing at each 10km, 20 to 30, 30 to 40... airport transfer from the city, both ways, flat fee (also increasing the price for each 10 km distance) some vacation destinations in the country, flat rate, discounted in comparison with the each given car tariff hourly rent daily rent Since morning I'm pulling my hair out (almost evening here, didn't look at myself in the mirror yet) how to set up the airport transfer. I have two zones (city and airport) but the problem with the fixed fare routes is there is no option to increase the price by distance. So... not useful. I cannot go for same money for 20 km trip as well as 50 km trip. Depends where the p/u in the city is. Going by the tariff (flat or km) can't work because into that flat fee was included the airport service fee and the only way I know to add a fee is POI. But POI is a no go because, in the front end if you choose POI - airport OTP - it's a price and if you are choosing the next one in the list, given by Google, is cheaper because of the car tariff. I' d tried to have the city split in multiple areas. Might work but is not gonna go for the destinations I have in the country cause they are something like p/u anywhere in the city and going to a POI or even zone I have on the map. So... I will end up with a ton of rules for 30 destinations... is 30x3 (p/u areas in the city) multiplied by 2 ( return).
Another issue, and this is a bug, is if I have p/u in the city going to an area or POI and in the front end where the "return" is selected, it will add the cost of "drop off to base" and I find that abnormal because the vehicle is not turning back on empty. Fixed price for return 500 and a setup of 1 unit/km for drop off to base, the total price will be, let's say, 200 km go and back 1200 instead of 1000. I can see that in the price calculation details, too. Sooner you shoot, better will be. As I said before, this project passed the deadline long time ago.
Friday, 30 July 2021 05:37 UTC
Hi Robert,
it looks like you have a very complex fare calculation process and no system will cover this as it isn't very common. However, we might be able to help you with some custom development.
Let's try to solve the issues one by one. Please explain each issue in a separate paragraph so we can understand it better.

Zones overlapping isn't possible because then an address can belong in 2 or more zones and the system will not work as intended - it will always pick the first created zone where the address belongs. This is the reason why you have to be careful with your Zone boundaries and keep the borders touching but not overlapping.

"The fact that I can not p/u and drop in the same zone is killing me. As an example, I have a fix rate for entire city, and if the customer wants to move around the fix rate is increasing at each 10 km given. Actually, please, teach me how to setup the business that I got here." - actually you can set Pick up and Drop off in the Zone with the settings for this specific Zone but the price here will be calculated by kilometre - there is no possibility to set fixed fares in just one Zone, you have to use Points of Interest for that as the system needs to know where the start and end of the journey are in advance to apply the fixed fare.

However, you can use distance sectors to set up fixed fares for different distances eg. 10 km, 20 km, 30 km etc.

In general, when you use a POI to build a Fixed fare it will be then hidden from Google address autosuggest and the system will always favour the Flat fare instead of per kilometre. Please give us a specific example for Airport - City route so we can see that both Fixed fare and Address selection are possible to investigate further.

Please send us each of your Fare calculation needs with separate explanation so we can be more helpful.

Kind regards.

Friday, 30 July 2021 07:14 UTC
Thanks for your answer but I'm pleasing you to be a little bit faster. I'm not grumpy or picky here, don't take it personally. I'm responsible for these drivers and customers and I can't let them wait for days. It's just business. 1) The system is not complex at all, just another concept. There are other companies using this concept.I'm not a pioneer. I wished to.

2) Zones overlapping. Sorry to disappoint you but I can show you at least another 3 cloud platform systems doing this overlapping. As well, 5-6 WP plugins. Yeah, I've prospected many systems and plugins. Your system is the 6th out of 15. And counting. The reason of overlapping is simple and full of common sense. We need to use the same area as a start for different services and prices. How is that!? Let's say we have (like many other private driver, limo, etc) airport transfer. Usually, vast majority of the cities are circle shape, more or less. We are supposing that we have a 50 km city radius. As a consequence, we can not offer the same price from downtown to airport as we have for suburbs, close to city limits. So, we need to geofence 2 (two) concentric circles to have a chance to setup different prices. Also, is the case for city transfer. We are talking here about fixed rate. Right? And I can give many other situations when overlapping is in need. Otherwise, we will draw zones for days and days.

3) Regarding Zones and POI. I'm considering this a lack of the system. Let's say we are using a price... 100 USD. The same price is for multiple destinations, even if they are spread all around the starting point. Because you can not setup multiple zones and/or POI you gotta go for each damn trip you offer. Is this a problem? It is. To have more fun, after a while you figure out that you need a change for services/trips setup. Guess what? If you have something like 40 destinations you will smash your head on the computer. Like it wasn't enough, for I don't know what reason, if you have a trip between two areas, you need to setup the way back, too. Do you know the expression "double trouble"? Well, this is the case, without any doubt. From all the systems I've seen this is the only one asking for such a thing. And trust me, I've been in transportation for more then 20 years, all kind of road transportation.

4) POI versus Google Maps address. I attached a screenshot here for you. Please, take a look. This is creating a very nasty situation. I'm forced to use some taxi meter for some services because of the "zones" system you have. There is no other way. So, I ended up, concrete case-airport transfer, to have a cheaper price for the same trip if the customer is using Google address instead of my POI. Should I explain to you how embarrassing this is? And here, we go again to the "zones". At least I should have an option to add some fee, extra-charge, you name it, for a zone. In plain English : any trip going in or out of that zone/area to be charged with a certain amount more. This can solve many problems with the setup.

5) Booking form listing. a) Field "Select Service Type". Only 3 out 5 services we are offering are listed. Why??? b) because I can not setup the font size on the booking form some fields are chopped. I know, is automatic size CSS. But if I can adjust the font size will trigger the size of the filed. Right? c) POIs categories. If I'm not using categories drop down setting, to show only POIs categories, only 2 out of 5 (as I have) are listed. Makes no sense to me because they are the 4th and the 7th in line of the back-end. Are not the first ones in the list... not certain distance between them. Just...bang!

6) Return trip. As I said previously. If I have "return to base price" on it will charge the customer the distance between the drop off and the base, EVEN IF there is a round trip, go and back. I can not find this normal, as well fare, to charge for returning to base if the passenger is coming back and also, is paying for that, the way back. Please, click "return" for any trip you want and see the "price calculation".

7) Logo. For some reason, is cutting the edges, left &right. No matter what size has the image and how far is the logo from the margin... will damage it. I succeed to make it look OK but is not perfect.

8) Order of the cars listed in the form. I've tried all the setups for it in the back-end. Is just making fun of me. Is showing the same order, no matter what.

9) Use own base, in car setup. Probably I'm doing something wrong but is not saving the setup I'm doing there. Each time I'm coming back to it is "off". I would like to setup a base for each car. It helps my business a lot.

10) Design settings. I would like to have more settings for the form. As they are, I can't do much out of it.

11) Custom fields -options list. Is acting like extras. Is charging the customer for each option if I'm setting there a POI. So, the total of the trip is ending up being charged twice. I've tried to use this as an alternative of that problem POIs versus Googlemap

12) Tariffs. You can add charging fees here for zones. It will simplify a lot the system.

13) Fixed rates. You can add here an option like return? yes/no. If you don't want to make it default. Also, to assign cars to a certain fixed price. Again, keep it simple!

Thanks for your time and I'm hoping here that I didn't spent so much time writing this for nothing. There are a lot of other things you can do to simplify the system but is just not the time now. Probably they will be taken into consideration for future tweaks/adjustments. Please, don't let me wait again for 4 days. I know, there are a lot issues but please, fix those ones that are really important, like POIs vs Google address or return double charging. For the rest, I know, takes time.

It looks like I'm complaining a lot, I know. But I'm just helping you and myself and I'm still here because I like the features you have. I didn't checked them all and I'm hoping that they are working as is supposed to. Otherwise, I need my gun. I've spent again so much time with a system and I'm fed up with this try & error. 90 % of the cases is not coding/programming. Is just not knowing how this business/industry/transportation works.

Have a great one!

Friday, 30 July 2021 07:30 UTC
Late edit: I meant that I've spent so much time searching for a system that really works as is supposed to and each one of the has deal breakers

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