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Monday, 14 December 2020 12:18 UTC
 Hello, Ive made a Fixed Fare Route called ' Fixed Fare Trial '. Ive entered a rate of 169 for Dabolim to Calangute . It does not show up in the search. Please advise , xavier
Monday, 14 December 2020 12:58 UTC
Hi Xavier,
your Fixed fare routes by Zone do not work because you have multiple Zone overlaps. Zones can not overlap each other because the system would not know which zone an address belongs to.
Please fix your zones in a way that they neighbour each other without overlapping.
When you are logged in as administrator and you test your front end booking form under each address selection you will see a list with the zones that an address belongs to.
Dabolim belongs to 3 zones at the moment:
>> Detected zone: Goa and Madgaon and Dabolim
it should only belong to 1 zone.
Calangute also belongs to 3 zones:
>> Detected zone: Goa and calangute and Porvorim
and it should be just one zone.

Please go to your back office > Dashboard > Zones > India (View Zones) and edit all your active zones in a way that they don't overlap. Then create your Fixed fare routes and the system will work fine.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.

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