#1610 – Booking form doesn't display on chrome android app

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Monday, 15 July 2019 07:49 UTC
 Hello Team,

Booking form doesn't display on chrome android app (mobile) version: 75.0.3770.101

Thanks for your help
Monday, 15 July 2019 10:47 UTC

We have checked your booking form in android. It's working as expected. We have submitted an order using android chrome version: 75.0.3770.101. (5d2c587e93623) this is the order number.

Please check again and let us know. Please send us screenshot if you have still face any problem.

- Shariar.
Monday, 15 July 2019 16:39 UTC
Thanks for your quick reply.
I was talking about the booking form on the web site : on this page https://www.vtc-bordeaux-gironde.fr and that one : https://www.vtc-bordeaux-gironde.fr/reservation-vtc-bordeaux/
I tested on an other Smartphone with chrome and the form doesn't display.
It's ok on a personal computer with chrome browser.
Tuesday, 16 July 2019 11:24 UTC
Hi Jean Loup,
we have made an improvement to the experience on mobile devices actually. Instead of the booking form, we now show a "Book now" button that brings a lot of benefits. This is done so your booking form actually promotes the passenger app that comes for free with your account.
Unfortunately, the "Install app button" is not loading when the booking form is iFramed on mobile devices so the booking form has to be opened in a new tab.
Here are some benefits of the mobile app:
#1 Progressive Web Apps match the mobile-first approach. This means that the booking form PWA will function on mobile devices without any issues.
#2 PWA combines the UX of a native app with the benefits of the mobile web. The mobile PWA of the booking form runs smoothly both as a web page and native app.
#3 With PWA you simply don’t have to make a separate native app - less space on user's device, no promotion of the app listing in the app stores.
#4 PWA works offline, allowing the user to keep on browsing even without an internet connection - they won't be able to complete the booking offline but will be able to finish it when they are back online.
#5 PWAs uses headless architecture. It’s all about separating the frontend from your backend.
#6 Loading time of PWA is at least 2-3x faster compared to responsive or m.dot web sites. Google mobile-first indexing helps it to express the high speed of PWA and its smooth performance on mobile devices.
#7 With faster loading time, PWA reduces server load.
#8 Browsing with PWA is seamless. This causes a huge increase in conversion rates.
#9 PWA apps are light. The weight of the apps is decreased by 80-90%. Just compare the Twitter native app 100mb+ with Twitter lite (PWA) 1.5mb!
And many more.

Despite all that, if you decide that the iFrame works better for your business on mobile you can switch back by going to the back office > Dashboard > Get the code > Show iFrame option and Save.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.

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