#1554 – "Please leave a review" // A customer ask me to disable this email...

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Thursday, 25 April 2019 19:13 UTC

Everyhting is in the title...

A customer ask me to disable the mail "Please leave a review for your Order at ..."

I don't find this parameter, could you help me ?

Best regards
Monday, 29 April 2019 18:51 UTC
Hi Fred,
at the moment Review requests cannot be disabled completely.
Would you please let us know if this is an important option for you? Most of our clients are happy with this feature as it gives them both feedback and free exposure on drivenot.com website.

If you need this disabled or changed in some way we may need to do some custom development and charge a small fee for it. Let us know if you are interested.

Kind regards.
Monday, 29 April 2019 20:37 UTC

It's not important for me, but it's a customer's request.

I think that is his right to ask this. Same like everybody can unsuscribe a mail service, newsletter... it's his own mail, not mine.

So i ll say him that is not possible for you at this moment.

I think to pay a fee for my other subject "Discount on user is client" but not on this.

That's don't have effect on google seo and nobody can find those comments... so...

I send an ask with google and facebook link to comment directly my business on the sent bills, i have my own system for that. That's work !

Nobody come from drivenot on analytics, so i think it's useless and dangerous for your GPDR responsabilities.

I think you should use this comments and make some work on seo to add a real value or simply forget this function....

Best regards.
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 15:32 UTC
Hi again,
we are taking GDPR compliance very seriously and we are warning all users who decide to use their email to create an account that they will receive all related emails to the order including the Review email request and that they can always unsubscribe or withdraw consent from receiving emails as outlined in the Privacy notice for riders.

Regarding SEO value of your reviews: we are doing our best to deliver as much value as possible and you can see some SEO benefits by checking https://drivenot.com on websites like this one.
People may not be coming to your website from DriveNot yet but this might be simply because no one is looking for your company online. You can notice in a Google search result for your company that drivenot.com is ranked in the first place and it also shows your excellent review results.

Hope this clarifies things.
Kind regards.
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