#1177 – Unable to amend users

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Wednesday, 09 May 2018 09:07 UTC
 Please get me rid of that:

Check-out failed with the following error: The user checking out does not match the user who checked out the item.

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 09:46 UTC
Hi Fabien,
Checking-in is designed so no data is lost when an item has been edited by multiple back-office admins.
If an admin opens something to edit like an order, fixed fare route, car etc. then other admins will see the message you have posted if they try to edit and save the same item.
Sometimes admins do not Save or Close the item and either close the browser or use browser's back button and this makes the item "locked" until they properly Save/Close it.
Here you can find more information about this: https://booking.drivenot.com/en/knowledge-base/83-how-to-fix-error-check-out-failed-with-the-following-error

You can always unlock an item by selecting it in the list and clicking on the "Check-in" (Unlock) button in the toolbar.

Please try that and if you still have a problem let us know by specifying which section you see the message in - cars, orders, fixed routes, settings etc.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 10:45 UTC
I did unlock a majority of user this way, but some of them are still locked and I have the same message trying to unlock them.

Category Users.
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 11:08 UTC
Hi again,
we have unlocked all your Users.
Please make sure that their profiles are saved properly by the staff when they are being edited so you don't have this problem in the future.
We remain at your disposal should you need us in this regard though.

Kind regards.

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