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Saturday, 17 February 2018 16:00 UTC

We are having problems with our fixed fare routes. None of them are correct when customers are trying to book. For example PA3 to G1 should cost £17 for a Saloon car but it's showing as £19. All of our fixed fares are not showing what we have input. We looked at zones G1 and G2 and have noticed that the map does not cover these zones fully. In cases, there are holes in the zones.

Can you look in to this for me? We seem to be having problems since you launched the update.

Kind regards,
Sunday, 18 February 2018 13:26 UTC

I was checking your back office configuration. First of all, I have enabled Price debugging from Back office -> Settings -> General price settings. This will help you to debug the price calculated, this will also enable company admin (only logged in company admin) to see detected zones for pickup and dropoff points, even this will show Fixed fare route detected automatically by the system between the pickup and dropoff points. Your general customers will not see this zone debug message at all. After then I tried with few addresses, I tried with Linwood, UK, 2 zones (Glasgow and PA3) were detected for this pickup address, you should avoid Zone overlapping to have each address in only one zone.

Then I checked you backend zones, Glasgow is a very large zone which covers other zones as well, your zones should not be overlapping with each other, then system will not be able to detect correct zones and fixed fare routes. Please check and fix your zones, this is highly recommended to get correct fixed fare detected automatically. Please let us know if you still find any problem after you fix your zone areas.

Hope this helps
Sunday, 18 February 2018 19:39 UTC
Look I don't think you understand, Our fixed prices were working perfect with no issues. All of a sudden this week they aren't we have not changed any settings to effect this. All fixed prices remain the same. There is no overlapping of the zones.

For example we have a booking that was booked and the postcode was G77 to PA3 ( Glasgow airport) This booking went through at the fixed price for the 6 seat vehicle we have for £23 if you do the same fare now it prices the job at £33.

We are not happy with the response you have given us as clearly if you check our log we have no edited any settings for the fixed fares to stop working. Please can you help find a solution to this as we are losing sales because of this. If it cannot be resolved please let us know and we will have to find a new booking script.

Kind Regards
Monday, 19 February 2018 09:09 UTC
Hi John,
we are sorry for the confusion that the latest update may have caused but we are always trying to improve the service for everyone.
There is a very easy fix of the problem you are having (something that shouldn't have happened in the first place and this is why we are working on Zone improvements all the time).
In your setup, you have added a Zone named Glasgow over all of Scotland and then there are smaller Zones within that big Zone (see screenshot attached).
This is causing the problem because all addresses now within your smaller zones belong to the big Glasgow zone as well and the system cannot guess which one it has to assign to the searched address so it assigns the one that is created earliest.
With that said, please note that Zones should not overlap at all so 1 address belongs to just one Zone.
This way the system will work as expected.

If you go to your back office > Dashboard > Zones and search for Glasgow you will see your Glasgow zone with a green button on the right: Active. Please select the zone checkbox and then Delete it (if you don't need that - I assume that you have thought that this will be your area of operation, area of operation is set in back office > Dashboard > Settings > Base settings or individually for each car via the setting Use own base: Yes) or change the borders in a way that they don't overlap with any other zone.

Here are 2 links that may help you further: Zones and Price debugging video.

Hope this helps.
Let us know if you still experience problems.
Kind regards.

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