Google Maps has started charging for Google Maps API usage on July 16th and the charges are quite steep.

We will no longer be able to provide discounted subscriptions to our service.
Prices may go up from the next billing period for your company. Please see the Pricing page. 
All recurring subscriptions under those amounts will be manually cancelled on our side and you will have to resubscribe if you wish to continue using the service.
If you are on the latest subscription prices you don't have to do anything.

This decision is not taken lightly and for the last 2 months, we have been working hard to make it possible to still operate and stay competitive in pricing to help your business run smoothly, faster, better and to sustain growth.
However, when something changes in the whole system we have to adapt to it.

The price increase will be used for support of the back end system which includes Google Maps API usage for things like back office orders, address auto-complete, geocoding of places, base maps, zones etc.
You will still have to provide your own Google Maps API keys which will be used for the front-end booking engine.
Here is the link to Google's tutorial on how to create your account and get the API keys. Activate Maps, Routes and Places.
The APIs that you need to enable are: Maps JavaScript API (might be renamed to Dynamic Maps), Places API, Directions API, Geocoding API and Geolocation API.

After you have enabled the API services you will need to create a set of 2 separate API keys:
The first one you can call a Browser key:
In the Console > APIs & Services > Credentials section click on Create credentials and you will see your API key.
It is very important to click on Restrict key link in the popup window (if you already have an API key you can click on the edit API key pencil icon next to it). In the Application restriction tab select HTTP referrers (websites) option and in the input field copy and paste your unique company URL followed by * eg.*
The second one you can call a Server key:
Repeat the procedure above but in Application restriction tab select IP Address radio and add this server IP in the field:

This will ensure proper work of the API key as well as securing it against fraudulent use by anyone else. You can read more about API key security on Google's support pages.
After you have done that, please copy and paste the API keys at your back office > Dashboard > Settings > Map Settings > Browser key and Server key, then Save.