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There are plenty of ways to see what's happening with our platform and you can see everything we publish on Twitter and Facebook.

We have also developed an awesome new notification system that will show you important information directly at your platform back office.

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In many countries including the whole EU according GDPR this confirmation is mandatory.

But there is something more important than receiving our emails!

GDPR is all about transparency of how Private data is handled so we now have to inform the customers who book your services through the online booking form from our platform that we store their data.
We will add a new feature to the booking form effective 24th of May 2018 that will ask them if they agree to create an account or check out automatically and a Privacy notice that they have to agree to.

This also requires a link to your own Privacy Policy because you have access to their data.
You have to add a link to your Privacy Policy at the back office > Dashboard > Settings > Base settings > Privacy Policy URL:

If you don't add your Privacy Policy URL your front end booking form will be disabled until you do that!

As always we remain available to reply to any questions, comments or queries.

Marian Kanev
CEO DriveNot 


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