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Hi Visitor,

We have upgraded the Email system to work on SMTP relay provided by SendGrid.

SendGrid’s robust email infrastructure removes the headaches and resources required when dealing with spam and blacklists, and also acts as an extension to your offerings, helping you to drive customer value and revenue.

There is a limitation on how email attachments are processed so we are thinking about removing PDF receipts from email Attachments and making them a clickable link that leads to the PDF on the server where Customers can download them.

Upsideremoving Attachments is reduced Spam filtering by various email clients hence increased email deliverability.

Downsideis that PDF links have to be protected by log in Authentication and the customers will be redirected to your booking form on our sever to log in and Download the PDFs.
This means that URL will be visible in the address bar but your Company booking form will be loaded.

Before we proceed with this change we would like to here your opinion on the matter.
Please reply to this email or
Contact us through the website. 

If you would like to use your own "From: Name" and "email address" in the emails sent by the system please follow the documentation: 
SMTP set up here.


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