The Booking Form important information 28 April 2016

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Hi Visitor,

As you have noticed we have released the New design and it requires a little change to the Integration code for your website. 

We have made that change and if you are using the New design please Copy and Paste the new code from Dashboard > Get the code.

This only applies to New design and concerns the hight of the iFrame (changed from 1600px to 1000px for tighter fit). If you are still using the old design you don't need to change anything.
Even if you don't change the code New design will still work well, it will just have some blank space underneath.

Some new features and improvements we have added:
  • "Copy reverse" button for Fixed fare routes
  • Custom fields - when "Show on Return: Yes" there will be 2 new options "Show on Pick up (return): Yes/No", "Show on Drop off (return): Yes/No"
  • User management > User is Additional Admin: Yes - new feature: Receive Order emails: Yes/No
  • Search URLs - added new section to include User details in pre-filled form. User details may include User email, Name, phone number, message, Custom fields etc.
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