New Features 22 April 2016

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Hi Visitor,

We have BIG news. Two big news to be exact:

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Some of our clients noted that we don't send out Newsletters as often as other companies.
We don't want to Spam your email or take up your valuable time and we don't send out a Newsletter regarding every little improvement or small feature/adjustment that we make.

However, it is important for us to know if we are right or not! Please reply to this email with a feedback about the frequency of our Newsletters, the change log of improvements that we add and the documentation that we write on our website.

Chose one of these 3 options for minor new features and improvements:
1. Do nothing, we know everything is awesome.
2. Send me a Newsletter with a list of all new features and improvements as you add them.
3. Send me a link to a list with new features and improvements on the booking form website.

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