New features 22 October 2015

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Split payments for Shared rides

Booking Calendar

Hi Visitor,
In line with current trends on Sharing now your customers can Share their rides and Split the payment of the bill.

Shared rides should not be only about Sharing the space but Sharing the bill as well. The Booking Form will now automatically refund percentage of the initial payment via PayPal when an additional payment for the same ride is made.
Shared rides quick documentation here.

You will need to set up PayPal API credentials for this feature and here is a quick Slide tutorial to help you with this task.

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Things you may have missed

Along with the online documentation section we have now included Knowledge base for quick references for Set up of different features - we will keep these short and include Slides and Videos where possible.

All Knowledge base articles will be indexed so you can use Search to quickly find answers to your questions any time.

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