12 April 2018
* Loading bar to compensate for processing time after trial subscription before redirection to the "Thank you" page.
* After Trial subscription and first log into the backend the user is redirected to the first "Setup Wizard" step.
* Fix of the "Setup Wizard" layout on mobile.
* Various explanation texts improvements on the "Setup Wizard"
* Automatically selected Currency based on the Country of operation that the Admin has selected.
* Add default info to Car Section (3rd step): Car type: Sedan, Max Passengers: 4, Max suitcases: 2
* Fixed create new POI on mobile when the Admin is creating a new Fixed fare route on mobile.
* Push notification subscription before the first test booking and Push notification immediately after the booking.

22 March 2018
+ Progressive Web App (PWA) for Admins
+ Push notifications for Admins/Dispatchers/Drivers on new order submission

27 February 2018
+ Display option: Custom fields at First step
+ Price type (Flat or Unit distance) for Cumulative Distance sector at Car, Tariff and Price settings
+ Show all statuses in backend order edit screen for Show Time selection = NO
+ Multiple cars selection and status filters in Booking calendar view and Order list view
* Fix - Additional admins with delete orders permission = NO cannot access older versions
* Fix - Status SELECT option selected in order edit screen for an archived order
* Fix - company name in Payment request email sent from backend Corporate Invoice Request payment button
* Fix - Request PayPal Payment button in backend Corporate invoice details page was not working

4 February 2018
+ Login Roles for Admins to log in as Dispatchers/Drivers. For Drivers: to log in to different companies they belong to. 
+ PayFast payment integration API improvements with new options in payment method configuration tab.
* Fix - company specific language was not loading on IPN triggered by 3rd party payment page.
* Fix - Custom Invoice number in new order admin email.
* Improvement in Shared car bookings for fixed fare routes.
* Improvement in cumulative Distance sectors.

23 January 2018
+ Image upload in Private tours management - uploaded images will create an image gallery in place of the Map on the front-end of the booking form.

21 November 2017
+ Expanded CSV Report builder at Orders list view.

7 November 2017
+ Admin reports - Separate Reports section at Backend.
+ AJAX Booking calendar - backend AJAX calendar visualising all orders. Click on an order to see full Details.
+ Ajax calendar for Shared rides at the front end booking form - all Shared rides are listed on the calendar and customers can click and book seats directly from the calendar.
+ Option to Hide Time selection at Booking Form - back office > Dashboard > Settings > Design settings > Show Time Selection: Yes/No
+ Sort options for Backend Orders list: Sort by Date, Latest, Name, PAX, Price
* Clickatell new API integration.
* Layout fixes and improvements.
* Share rides fixes - price was not correctly calculated in some cases, shared rides custom fields not being moved to 3rd step and Address autocomplete improvements.

11 October 2017
+ Now you can select up to 5 countries of operation in Dashboard > Settings > Base settings. The system will auto-suggest addresses from all countries selected here.
* Fix - Create new POI in Shuttle and Fixed fare routes Edit/New screen.
* Fix - Points of interest can be assigned just to Fixed fare routes. When a customer selects a Pick up POI that is only assigned to Fixed fare routes then Drop off selection will be limited to only existing Fixed fare routes Drop-offs.
* Fix - Selected user in back office Coupon Edit could not be removed after selection.
* Fix - Editing an order made at Frontend booking form does not apply single user coupon when an order is edited through the back office.

16 August 2017
+ New options to improve Stripe payments collection: Show Billing address in form: Yes/No and Show Post/Zip code in form: Yes/No
+ Improvement in Zones - buttons to Activate, Edit and Delete Zones for easy identification of these features 

31 July 2017
+ Edit car screen optimization - buttons for easy Service type selection + Help docs for each service type.
+ Private tour description at front end booking form.
* Display order date in Order version history

25 June 2017
+ Select a car in Search URL building to create offers for just specific cars.
+ Delayed payments via PayPal - new payment method that sends a Pay now button within the Order confirmation email.

15 May 2017
+ New option at back office > Orders > New/Edit order - Send payment notes to Driver: Yes/No, this allows you to send the payment notes Admin/Dispatcher makes to the Driver.

11 April 2017
+ Custom fields for Private tours - now you can create and assign Custom fields, especially for Private tours booking service type.

02 April 2017
+ Brand new back office look - full Mobile browsers support and improved the Mobile experience.
+ Simplified options to set up Cars by limiting view of settings for all booking types: Address search (Taxi), Fixed fare routes, Hourly hire, Shuttles, Daily hire, Private tours.

29 March 2017 
+ At the top of Settings > Order email settings a radio selection has been created with a Message: Please add to your email's Whitelist: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure email delivery - Admins have to add those emails to their Email filter whitelist.

15 March 2017
+ Simple checkout (Settings > Design Settings > Design 2) - removes the animation and Price break down at Checkout.

01 March 2017
+ Custom field Address type for Daily hire.

25 February 2017
+ Daily car hire - suitable for Rent-a-Car or Daily Chauffeur Hire.
+ Private tours - hourly tour set up for private Chauffeur hiring.

14 February 2017
+ Base for each Car - now each car can have it's own Base and Country, City and Area of operation mapped out. 
+ Charge if Base to Pick up over: XX miles/kilometres - both in Settings > Base settings and for each Car.
+ Charge if Drop off to Base over: XX miles/kilometres - both in Settings > Base settings and for each Car.

06 February 2017
+ Booking Form URL: - in Dashboard > Settings > Design settings > Design 2 you can now specify URL of the page where the booking form is published. This URL will be printed in the new user Registration email so they can be taken directly to your website instead of your booking form on our server.

26 December 2016
+ VAT % setting for all payment methods. VAT will be displayed to the customer before payment is completed.

29 November 2016
+ Captcha security challenge before order submission - can be turned on/off at the back end office Settings.

25 November 2016
+ Cash payment method new options:
Order status (Waiting or Accepted) - when a customer pays cash this option will change the order status accordingly.
Allow for Clients only: Yes/No - with this option you may allow the use of Cash payment for logged in Corporate clients only.

23 November 2016
+ Improvements to Zones to avoid Zone overlapping (the same address can not belong to more than one zone). Now you can see bordering Zones and can not Save overlapping Zones. 

11 November 2016
- Removed PDF receipt attachment in Order Accepted emails. Instead, a link to the PDF on the server is added to the emails. PDF will be visible for print and download after login to the customer account.

08 November 2016
+ Select confirmation email (customer) language when creating a New Order through the back office.

07 November 2016
+ Export orders to Google Calendar - In back office > Dashboard > Orders screen you will see a new button "Export to calendar". You can filter orders by dates, driver, status etc. and then Export those orders to a handy CSV that you can import into your Google calendar. Here is how to import into your Google Calendar.
+ Authorize.net CIM CC Profiles - Credit Card profiles can be saved in the payment gateway for quicker check out by logged in Authorized.net customers: http://www.authorize.net/solutions/merchantsolutions/merchantservices/cim/

22 September 2016
* Filter to sort Points of Interest by POI Category in back office > Dashboard > Points of Interest

19 September 2016
Design improvements:
+ "Exit" link at the booking form with an option at back office to set your own website URL. On click, the customer will be redirected to your website home page.
+ Show Map on mobile devices: Yes/No
+ Show Booking summary on Step 2: Yes/No
+ Show Grid/List block on Step 2: Yes/No

17 September 2016
+ Mobile menu for items in the header of the booking form: New booking, Switch language, Log in (My account)

12 September 2016
+ Copy car settings for a New car instantly by selecting Car type (ref. Car management).
* Centre company logo in Order email headers and PDFs.

06 September 2016
+ Check box to send SMS (text) confirmation to the customer when Order is added through the back office (My Company). 
* Added a new parameter to Recurring Car Block offs - End date for weekly and monthly block offs. This parameter helps to block off long periods of time where the car will not be available. 

05 September 2016
+ Arrange payment methods at the back office (My Company). Published payment methods in the 3rd step of The Booking Form will be arranged in the order that you have manually chosen.

01 September 2016
+ New option at back office (My Company) Settings > Base settings > Centre map: Company location or User location. When Company location is selected, no pop up to Share location will be shown on first company booking form load.
+ Filter back office (My Company) Orders with a new parameter "No Driver Selected" so Orders for all drivers are shown.

20 August 2016
+ Show Points of Interest (POI) descriptions under front end booking form drop down as soon as a customer selects that POI.
+ Send SMS (text) notification from back office (My Company) New order.

18 August 2016
+ Inline Date and time selection for visually impaired people (with Text to Speech enabled) for Design 2 of The Booking Form.

15 August 2016
+ Description in Payment methods back office (My Company) to show as a tooltip at the front end.

14 August 2016
+ Price debugging at back office (My Company) New Order. Admin can check what is added to the Total before assigning a Car. Some elements of the Price can be removed to lower Total.
+ Google Maps API input for Browser key and Server key.
+ Google Maps API Avoid selection. Avoid Highways, Tolls, Ferries.
+ In design settings for Design 2 new setting - Show map on Mobile devices: Yes/No
+ In General Settings added a new option when Default Adult seats > 0, Show Adult seats: Yes/No (this allows set up of systems where seat selection is not mandatory).
* Improved Coupon code discount calculation with Price round off to a whole number and Next five.

25 July 2016
+ Sort payment methods by dragging at back end ordering and reflect new order at front end booking Form new design
+ Direct Help link to Support ticket system from backend
* Hide Additional seats and Total seats in 3rd step new design if Child/Booster/Infant seats are all disabled at the backend
* Double click the map to Zoom in
* Hide on click outside of Time (hours, minutes) dropdowns (pop-ups) in the new design
* Only show "Add stops" when booking is Address to Address in 3rd step booking summary new design
* Add selected suitcase amount with a blue icon in 3rd step booking summary new design

21 July 2016
+ Default country added to backend > Dashboard > Settings > SMS Settings to use as Default Country code Phone number if Default country is not set at Settings > Base settings.
+ In first step double click on the Map will Zoom in. The customer can move the pin to correct Pick up and Drop off locations.
+ In the first step if booking type Hourly hire and Address custom field for Hourly hire enabled a pin labelled "A" will be displayed on the map. The pin can be manually moved by the customer to select the correct Pickup location.
+ In 3rd step Booking summary added selected suitcases with a blue icon under Total PAX.
* In 3rd step Booking summary removed Add stops if booking is Hourly hire, Fixed fare routes or Shuttles.
* In 3rd step Booking summary if No Child/Booster/Infant seat is selected do not show Child PAX and Total PAX.
* In 3rd step Booking summary if Hourly hire booking type and Address custom field are created then Address for Pick up will be printed.
* In the first step when clicking on Hours and Minutes selection then clicking outside of the Hours and Minutes pop-ups will automatically hide them.

06 July 2016
* Changed Default loaded time logic from rounding to the nearest top of the hour to rounding to nearest 5-minute value so more immediate bookings can be submitted.

22 June 2016
+ Create Fixed fare route within single Zone - select the Zone both in Pick up and Drop off locations.
+ Added Price input box to Custom field Option list type - you can sell any additional service or product via Option list.

May 2016
+ Merged Address and Fixed fare booking types at back end New/Edit order.
+ User details custom fields added to Search URL constructor.
+ New design - Added Address book links under Pick up and Drop off - for logged in users who have at least one entry in their Address book.
* Search URLs - all Search URLs https, admins may have to check and Save old Search URLs to regenerate https alternatives.
* Thank you page fix - following new design Thank you message will have Highlights background.
* Coupon code filed will not be visible on the booking form if there are no active Coupon codes.
* User management > User is Driver: Yes show a list of all Cars that do not have a Driver assigned to them and allow Admin to assign an existing car to the Driver. Show which Car the driver is assigned to so Admin can change it with another available car - use single selection drop down so Driver can be assigned to only one car at any time. Allow Driver and Car to be assigned either in Car management or User management at any time. Do not allow Saving Edit car if Assign Driver to Car: Yes but no Driver is selected in Drivers drop down.

Is your goal to fill your drivers' calendars with jobs ahead of time?

Do you want those calendars to be optimized for the ultimate income?

Is the security of scheduled jobs higher on your wishlist than fishing for the next customer?

The Booking Form is your answer.
It is a cloud-based transportation booking and dispatch software that can easily integrate with your business model.

The admin interface is hosted in the cloud so you can access it anywhere on any device with an internet browser and connection, and the front-end booking form is displayed beautifully on any device as well.

Build the ultimate fare calculator - used by limousines, private hire vehicles, minicabs, airport shuttles, bus routes, and any other transportation organization.

Reward yourself and your business with The Booking Form as one of the best management facilities that will help you to:

✔ Manage car availability (business working hours, automatic dynamic availability based on bookings made)
✔ Manage journey prices (point-to-point via address search, fixed fares between zones or points of interest, hourly hire, daily hire, private tours, shuttles with multiple stops, and bus ticket system)
✔ Manage online and offline bookings (online booking form, back-office booking engine, car calendars)
✔ Manage customers (database of all your customers, corporate clients, and monthly invoicing for them)
✔ Manage order payment methods (multiple online payment gateways to process credit/debit card payments)
✔ Manage drivers
✔ Manage language translations

What's in it for you?

An easy way to get bookings and manage your transportation business.

No commission on bookings.

Unlimited Cars, Unlimited Drivers, Unlimited Users, Clients, and Partners.

Receive Unlimited Support and instant updates of the software.

Multiple Online payments including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and more (all available payment gateways).

Fixed fare routes between Points of Interest or any address in a mapped Zone.

Price per distance - Address to Address route priced per mile/kilometre.

Hourly hire - hire-a-chauffeur.

Daily hire - rent-a-car style.

Shuttle and Bus routes - sell tickets online.

Private tours.

The Booking Form can be translated into any language.

Reviews and Rating website included - showcase your business on a highly ranked Google website.

Increase retention of Corporate accounts for your frequent customers.

✔ Mobile app for Admins - Free Progressive Web App (PWA) to install on mobile and desktop and receive push notifications.

Mobile app for Passengers - a Progressive Web App (PWA) of your own booking form.

Mobile app for Drivers - a Progressive Web App (PWA) that drivers can install on their devices. 

✔ Reports - get an instant overview of what is happening in your business monthly, annually, by a driver.

No contract - flexibility to Cancel anytime.

No setup fee, No upfront cost.

Free, no-obligation Trial - no credit card needed.

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What this software is not? - This software is not suitable for on-demand bookings and taxi hailing, there is no real-time tracking of the drivers or passengers.

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Who is The Booking Form for:
 Taxi companies
 Minicab and private hire companies
 Limousine companies
 Shuttle companies
 Bus companies
 Airport transfer companies
 Delivery companies
 Private tours

How does it work? 

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Testimonials by clients



Functionality: The Booking Form really is amazing. It works perfectly and with a lot of options.

Ease of use: Very easy to configure.

Support: The support is TOP. Very fast response time and helpful.



Chris Harfield


Functionality: The Booking Form is amazing. Packed with easy-to-use functionalities and is far more than adequate for any taxi/car hire business. AMAZING WORK

Ease of use: Easy to configure and customize to your taste. Within ten minutes I had it running.

Support: Best support I have ever received from any software. I had an issue that really wasn't their fault but they sorted it out ASAP.